Automatic drilling cell

Special machine for processing aeronautical components

Numerical control plant designed and built for processing aeronautical particulars

  • Drilling and radial countersinking
  • 5 work axes
  • Rotary table with continuous rotation
  • Automatic tool changer

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Numerical control special transfer machine

Drilling of titanium components for the areonautical sector

Numerical control plant designed and built for drilling titanium engine rings for aeronautics

  • 5 drilling units
  • Rotary table with pieces-carrier pallet
  • Automatic loading and unloading

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M160 special drilling machine

Drilling of flanges

Special drilling machine for processing flanges and / or covers of different diameters

  • Multiple head with 14 spindles
  • Electromechanical rotary table
  • Manual piece loading / unloading
  • High pressure pneumatic system for cleaning pieces
  • Pieces counting device

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